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Transmission, what component failed for you?

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:read:I last burned out my "forward clutch" according to my trannsmission guy. I was running nitrous and it happend after tons of races. Ive heard that the supercharger and other high output mods ruin our trannys. So I was wondering if I could get away with just a Level 10 PTS Nissan Bulletproof Rebuilding Kit RE5R05A?

Level 10 PTS Nissan Bulletproof Rebuilding Kit RE5R05A,RL4F03A,RE4F04A,R44F04B,RE4R01A,RE5F22A

or have you others destroyed your TC's or valve bodies? Level ten suggest a few thousand dollars of upgrades but like most im on a budget. Any imputs would help make my decision. Thanks.
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Toomnymods went through a few transmissions. You might google his name. I think he used an Alto kit with Red Eagle clutches at some point. Not sure how that held up. I think at one time his opinion was that it was better to buy the parts and have the local tranny shop install them than dropping alot of $ for IPT or Level 10 tranny.

I think part of his tranny problems were tuning related and ultimately solved by Uprev. "Uprev wrote new software to fully manipulate the line pressure."
I have the Level 10 rebuild kit and TC. If you add boost, build the whole tranny.
well im not adding turbo or supercharger boost per say, but i would like to get away without spending over 1500, thats cause i have to put in a trutrac as well. does anyone else have any inputs?
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