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Trouble code 0455

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I got 3500miles on my 07 and just got a SES ight this morning. I checked the code and got 0455 evap control system. Anyone got any idelas on this. On a side note my A/C doesn't work worth very well( is this related). I have an appt tomorrow to get it looked at. I aint worried, Just trying to figure out whats wrong with my baby.
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i have NO idea what that code is... but the few times my SES light has come on, its been due to the gas cap not being properly shut
I searched thru the forums and found it's probably my gas cap buy could be my Evap canister. I played around with my gas acap for a few minutes and the light turned off. I reset the ECM and I iwll see if it comes back on. I got gas 2 days ago so I would think the code would of showed then. O well, no big deal. Lets see what happens:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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