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trouble getting right side strut back on

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We bought a 04 titan for son a few months ago , and found out it needed right axle replaced and inner and outer tie rods .Well thought me and kid could do the axle looked simple enough, but in the process couldn't get axle out tried undoing upper ball joint but got it lose now it just turns with nut still on it. same thing with joint on sway bar . did get strut out but since I couldn't get other stuff apart figured id put it all back together and have it towed to shop.( didn't help who ever had it befor hand powder coated every thing so it is all pretty tight ).. but now problem is I cant get bottom of the strut all the way in to get a bolt through it . I got it about a quarter way in tried prying and beating on shock but no luck. any suggestions? I'm thinking a bigger hammer.
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