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Tru Trac after failure?

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I am just thinking ahead of myself, but I am curious if you can put a trutrac in after a rear diff failure? I know its not the ideal situation, but I have 53k on mine and my service manager is going to put one in right before 60k, just because, but after he does this I am curious if I should tru trac it?

Also has anyone done the trutrac with the e-locker?
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If you do the Truetrac you shouldn't need to worry about failure afterward. You will lose the E-locker with the truetrac.
x2thez said:
I know that... I am asking if you can do it after a failure....
They would have to get you a new axle first:D When it goes it mess up other stuffs in there too.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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