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truck dying after startup

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Hey all

I just recently replaced the battery in my 2009 about a month ago

Today when my sister was driving the truck, the truck suddenly died and stalled in traffic - she noted that the battery needle started to drop and then all of the dash lights lit up, truck died

After and when I showed up, the truck will turn over and start, but immediately die about 1sec after being on

This does not seem like a bad battery, alternator, starter, fuel pump, fuel filter issue

I can hear the fuel pump prime and I'm assuming since it can start, fueling is not an issue

I'm assuming since it can start, battery, plugs, coils, alternator, starter is not an issue

So what is not keeping the truck on? My intital thoughts are pointing at a bad MAF sensor? I do have an Injen CAI and have never replaced the MAF sensor in my 100k miles of ownership....
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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