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A lil less than 2 months ago I got home from deployment about a month after that I changed my oil using normal synthetic oil like I have used since I bought the truck used. Long story short I started to notice white smoke out of the exhaust. come to find out the engine was crap! Through a lot of reserch Nissan decided to replace my engine and replace my cracked exhaust manifolds under the vehicles warranty. Had all work locally done here at mossy nissan in clairemont. they did a great job and helped me save a lot of money through the warranty. Now I finally have the truck back and have to break it in for the first 1000 miles. I will be changing out the front end hubs tomorrow since the bearings are shot from the bigger tires on the front end. If your local in San Diego and you want a good reference for a good shop head to them they helped me out tremendously. :redblob"
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