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Truck width

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I've been visiting this site daily for about 8 months now and finally registered today. Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone and also say thanks for all your help in convincing me that I do need a Titan. I'm trying desperately to buy an 08 LE in Galaxy Black w/o the Tow Package. Every dealership I've been to and contacted have told me that getting this truck in my area, NE MA, is next to impossible. The only reason I don't want the Tow Package is that I don't think the truck will fit in my garage with the big tow mirrors. So here's my first question/request: I would truelly appreciate it if someone with the big tow mirrors could measure their truck from mirror to mirror for me. My garage has 9 foot doors, height is no problem. I should also apologize in advance as I know this has been discussed before. I did do a search and for the life of me I can't find the post which would help me out. Thanks again for all the great information I've received in the past.
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Here is a pic of my truck in my door. Sorry for the bad picture but I took this with my iSight camera on my laptop because I could not find my camera, therefor, everything is backwards. Anyways, this door is less then 9ft. About 8'10". As you can see there is about 3" on each side of the mirrors. It is tight squeez but it works. You will have no problem with a 9ft door. It fits with the mirrors extended as well, just very very very tight haha. Hope this helps.
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Wow, now that's what I call service. BTW, the tow mirrors are great, no blind spots, no need to look over your shoulder when changing lanes.

I wouldn't let the tow package hold you back! As you see it should fit, plus you can fold your drivers mirror in. The features of the tow package are great! I love those huge mirrors, the towing gears, and my tranny temp guage. I had your exact oppisite problem when I was looking for mine, I couldn't find any with the tow package. you could always have the dealer swap the mirrors for ya! Being the buyer gives you the power if they can't find one you want make them make the one you want!
Thanks for everyones help. RckMtnTitan, thanks for the pic. That's exactly what I was looking for. I would really like to not have to fold in the mirrors everytime I go in/out of the garage so I guess on my next test drive I'll take her home and see just how tight it will be. If all goes well I should finally make the purchase. Thanks again.
By all means go with the BT. If need be you could swap someone for LE power folding mirrors.
In this area, a standard garage is only 8 ft. wide and 7 ft. tall...

Money can get you a bigger one if need be..
The tow package, even if you don't use it (but you will at some point most likely), it'll help you sell it someday.
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