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Trucksperiment: First Titan, First Truck.

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Hey guys, I'm Byron, live just north of Atlanta. New to trucks but been playing with cars forever. Five of my friends have Titans and all have been really happy with them. 2 weeks ago I got a good deal on this '06 LE 4x2 FF from a buddy of mine when he upgraded work trucks. I figure if it doesn't work out I can get my money out of it in a year or two.

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Plan is to use the truck as a daily driver and occasional towing. So far the truck has been a great ride (RockFos system is doooooope). Looking to tow my drift car to some out of state events this year.

My immediate goal is to freshen the truck up Wheeler Dealers style. I replaced the sun damaged bug deflector and worn factory mats with WeatherTech units. I plan on doing some LEDs and the axle vent kit (previous owner already replaced the headers). Anything else I should be doing?

I have been searching around for a good consolidated thread on wheel and tires setups but haven't found it yet. Is there one or am I stuck looking through each setup thread individually?

Thanks and I appreciate the help!
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welcome to the forum. might be an old wheel/tire thread. But might be stuck with using the search function. Its really all preference though. If you have questions about tire size fitting, definitely use the search function lolz.

should drop the back 2", add air bags for towing, throw some clean 20's and decent tires on there.
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