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After reading about the mods I can do on my 2004 truck. I decided to go for the TT DIY route. My truck only has 45K miles on it, so why not.

Let's get started.

total: $659.19

PML Differential Covers (10756AS) $185.00
Ah, this is a 2004 model. So this gets even more expensive.

I hope these are the right parts.
36522-8S10A BRACKET
24211-8S10A CLIP

Total: $26.61

The PML diff cover wasn't painted. I ended up spray painting it with

This will reduce EMI/RFI interference with the rear diff.

Item G8HBZN-W1-NF038-0100
Description 3/8-24 x 1 Hex Cap Screw, Grade 8 Alloy Steel, Zinc Plated Yellow, 1 Hole Drilled Thru Head (7/64)
Qty 25.00
Unit Price $2.00000
Total $62.50
Permatex 27200 + 12 Grade 8 washers =$20.97
From eBay Milbar M7 2W SafteyTwist Lock Wire Twister Pliers Aircraft Aviation Industrial $47.45
Malin - MS20995C Stainless Steel Safety Wire / Lockwire | .032" Dia , Can $15 Is this the right diameter?

Removed the black bolts and it is hard to tell but there is some blue stuff on them. I found some of the bolts were easier than others to take off.

I really don't know what this means. When I first put on the new bolts the washers went over the slotted area. So I filed them down, hoping I won't run into any issues.

55 ft. lbs torque right?

I am going to stop now. And work again on this tomorrow as I need to read up and watch videos on safety wire.

Here are some spare parts.

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I safety wired mine and glad I did for the reassurance. 55lbft is correct. I also used red lock tight liberally on the bolt threads. I can't remember what size safety wire I used but what you have will work fine.


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I spent another 7 hours about getting the thing installed. Took me a while to figure out the backlash before and after set up readings. I was in such a rush I did not take pictures.

So far everything feels smooth. No whining.

In the meantime, I have 12 bolts left over for sale if anyone needs them. Cheaper than paying $55 to get a minimum of 24.

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Big job, kudos for you on the DIY.
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