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truxedo lo pro mods

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I have a utility bed and a low pro that uses the track to mount. I used 3/16 aluminum rivets (5 each side) and riveted the tonneau to the bed sides. THen I removed the center mount and rear mount for the tonneau on each side. I redrilled the 3/8" threaded nut in the tonneau part that slides in the channel and tapped it to 1/2" coarse thread. I then took the external part of the mount and filed and drilled out the slot to allow a 1/2" bolt to go through. I used 1/2" threaded eyebolts (300#) with a nut threaded all of the way up and a washer as the bolt. Now for $8 I have 4 hooks that slide all around and the tonneau is held by the rivets. When you twist the eyebolts it becomes real sturdy and also holds the tonneau tighter where ever it is in the track. They arent as sturdy as the factory cleats but they pull out real easy and the factory will slide in if needed.