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Trying The New Q Power Oil

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:poke::sunshine: Not like we need another oil question, but ! Just made the change to Q Power Full Sythentic 5w30 from Chevron Supreme 10w30. First thing more oil pressure at idle (with thinner oil) no more clatter at start up, no more cold piston slap noise, more oil pressure all the time nearly 3/4 of the way to H. Mileag has increased, haven't calculated exact #s but I can tell.
Very happy so far.
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did you get the Q Power "Torque" or "4x4" whichever one it is? I thought about trying that, but I have had zero problems and always trusted my vehicles to Mobil 1. I might do it next time I change though. Be sure to keep us updated on how well it does. :cheers:
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