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I'm trying to upload additional photos to my TitanTalk photo Gallery (the member's gallery section) and I either get an error or the upload process shows everything went perfect ... however, I never see the new photo. I have six images in my gallery right now and trying to add a simple small photo (around 70k). I've uploaded a bazillion photos to many other sites so I feel somewhat qualified to do this task ... at least I thought so. :)

Anyway, I'm copying the error I typically receive below ... any help would be extremely appreciated. BTW ... I successfully created a photo album from my user control panel and uploaded pictures. So it seems I can upload images to the TitanTalk "control panel photo albums" but I cannot upload photos to the TitanTalk "Photo Gallery for members" area. I hope this makes sense.

Thanks -

Error creating thumbnail! Error code: 127


"/usr/bin/mogrify" +profile "*" -size 100x75 -quality 70 -geometry 100x75 -unsharp 10 '/usr/sites/'
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