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Trying to find blacked-out taillights

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Do you guys know any website url's that i can look at for blacked out taillights or really dark taillights.NOT THE REMOVABLE FILMS. THOSE WILL GET STOLEN. I just got my titan and only have a sound system put into it and a billet grille. I already love this truck and im just starting with it. But please tell me if you know any website url's with dark taillights. NOT THE REMOVABLE FILMS. THOSE WILL GET STOLEN.
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there is a flaw with that URL you just sent me. it wouldnt work
haha disregard that last message. i just saw that you had wrote *******. thanks
it actually did not work...
billaj said:
What about just putting some tint on them to darken them?
is that legal though n where would i go to get that done at??? i live in so cal.
what if i got the black out removable films and just superglued it on like nice. do u think that would look bad?? cause worse comes to worse i could just buy new lights if it were illegal or w/e. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK PLEASE!!!
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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