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Trying to make my titan look mean

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I think I have everything laid out correctly but I want to make sure before I buy anything. I'm planning on buying a 4" Maxtrac spindle lift, 18x9 black Fuel Vapor wheels with 295/70/18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers for my stock 04 SE. Do you think those 34" x 11.5" tires will fit under a 4" lift? I'm willing to do slight trimming but not much more than that. If this setup won't work, I'll just get some 33x11 or 11.5 with a leveling kit. I want a full wheel well. I'd like all the advice and suggestions I can get.
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100% depends on the wheel offset/backspacing. if its 0 to anything positive, it'll probably be fine. if its a -12, -24, or whatever, then you're gonna run into issues. Look up Pinch Weld Mod (PWM)

I ran 295/70R18's with just a 2" leveling kit on 9" wide +25mm offset fuels. it BARELY rubbed the frame at full lock, i fixed that with 1.25" wheel spacers. which meant it then rubbed the fenders/bumper, also easy fix with a grinder lol
The wheels I want have -12 offset. I forgot to mention that. My only main issue was if they would rub too bad. I figure I'll have to do a PWM but I'm hoping everything else will be alright
I THINK you'll be able to make it work. All else fails, 325/60R18's will look killer. 33x13 is a good look on these trucks.
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