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Tundra got ownd! ;)

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not sure if this has ever been posted, and if it has, well its still friggn funny as hell LOL.

What brought me to remember about this lil tidbit, I was on my other TT boards ( ) and Going through my old post history....anyhoo Enjoy

Tundra...You got ownd! :gunz:
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lmao, i was expecting a Toyota tundra getting owned by a Titan, but this was funnier.:lol:
Are you sure you spelled the thread title correctly?
I think they might be called Turdras on Titantalk.
My comment or the video?
LMAO, pretty good vid
nice video... what does it have to do with a Tundra?
walleeme said:
My comment or the video?
No no...the video.
Where`s the turdra ????????
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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