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Tune up time, what to do?

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Ok Titan brethren, I have had my Titan a little over a year now, and love it. I figure this spring would be a good time to go over the truck and tune up a few things. I have seen a few threads about changing transmission fluids, but I want to make sure I get the correct information.

Spark plugs-
Transmission fluid-
Differential fluids-

Also, on cold mornings, I notice my transmission is slow to slide into overdrive, is that common? I would imagine it would be, just making sure.

So far I have zero complaints about my titan. I have 5 more years to pay on it, and need to keep it running smooth. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I have a 2008 Pro 4x, and it's got 119k on the clock. Are there any special additives I need to be aware of for the differentials or t-case? No, I haven't done the cabin filter yet, but it's on the list. What spark plugs does most everyone use. I was looking at NGK Iridiums. I know there may be a lot of opinions on those, I am just looking to keep it running great. I also run marvel mystery oil in every other oil change.
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