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Turning Radius

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Just got my Titan lifted today. 6" Pro Comp lift w/ Coilovers. 22" KMC Rockstars w/ BFG A/T KO 325/50R22 tires. It looks awesome, but I lost what feels like a good bit of turning radius. The tires don't rub anywhere and it looks to have plenty of room to turn more when the steering wheel is turn all the way to one direction. Anyone know if there is a way to get back some of the lost turning radius or am I SOL. I would call 4 wheel parts, where I had the work done, but they just closed....
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The loss in turning radius is normal. Thats the price for haveing a kick *** lookin truck though.
Oh yeah, one more thing. WHERES THE PICS!!!!????
greg has talked about the loss in turning radius before ... if you do a search you'll find a few more threads/posts .... here's one
Get out your grinder and grind the steering stops on the spindles. It can be done with out taking the tires off, but be carful of the bolts directly underneath the stops. You don't wnat to grind them..
Funny, my turning radius got BETTER after my lift. But yeah, there are stops you could grind down.
For my 4" spindle lift I ground the stop on the lower control arm to get my steering back...
Grind it....we just did ours....much better!
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