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Twisted Frame, Mangled Situation

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New 07 Titan Crew Cab... near accident resulting in brake and steering lock sends her at a moderate speed into a wall producing moderate front end bumper damage. First estimate reports twisted frame: 'totalled'

Insurance purchased with vehicle at dealership lapsed by 1 day with discrepancies as to whether or not a 'notification' had been sent: 'screwed'

Here's where you come in... I feel that I was honestly robbed of the performance and reliability that Nissan so strongly advertising and stands behind. This accident was a result of equipment and system failure at the most important point in time; a safety situation. Fortunately I have my health, but financially I am suffering and feel Nissan should make an effort to take some sort of accountability in replacing/repairing this truck.

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Hate to hear it! Glad you're ok, though. Anti-lock malfunction? Steering wheel locked up or straight slide on turned wheels due to brakes locked up?
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