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U-Bolt Help

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Does anyone know where I can get new U-bolts? The U-bolts I have now for my 3" block are long enough... but just barely, and would be much more comfortable if I could find some longer ones. I've had no luck at lowes, home depot, and the local auto stores. Any ideas?
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Your looking in the wrong places, you need to call some heavy duty truck parts (Big Rigs) places. Most of them have u-bolt bending machines and can make just about any size. They will want to know the outside diameter of the bar and the length. The proper way to measure length on a u-bolt is from the inside top to the end of a leg. They will also provide you with the nuts and washers to match their u-bolts.
What city are you located in? I have over 30 years in the heavy duty truck parts business and have contacts all over the USA, let me know where your at and I'll see who can help you out.
There is a company in Albany, NY called Heavy Duty Parts, they are located at 59 Railroad Ave., Albany, NY 12205. Their Phone Number is (518) 489-8497. Give them a call and they will make the bolts for you and ship them UPS to you. They are only about a 3 hour drive from you so I would think a regular ground UPS shipment would hit you over night.

If you want and try for something closer then see if you can locate a heavey duty dealer near you such as Peterbuilt, Navistar, Volvo, etc., and talk to their service departments and see where they get them locally. I'm sure they can steer you to someone local if there is anyone. If not call HDP in Albany.

Good Luck.
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