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U Joints

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So just recently my carrier bearing went and my mechanic said that the U Joints need to be replaced soon as well. He was telling me the U Joints for my 2007 Titan 2WD are about 180 at his price. He said that they are a special type. Ive known him for years and he has always done good by me. Where do you guys suggest I get the ones that exactly fit for my T
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he can't get them at any of his places. The Nissan dealership even told him and I that they are unique to the Titan and that is why they cost so much
I even looked up schematics from Nissan and they don't list selling just the U joint itself. Off the Nissan Parts website they have the U joint included in the journal kit propeller shaft. It wont let you just buy the u joint. Here is the link
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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