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U Joints

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So just recently my carrier bearing went and my mechanic said that the U Joints need to be replaced soon as well. He was telling me the U Joints for my 2007 Titan 2WD are about 180 at his price. He said that they are a special type. Ive known him for years and he has always done good by me. Where do you guys suggest I get the ones that exactly fit for my T
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I even looked up schematics from Nissan and they don't list selling just the U joint itself. Off the Nissan Parts website they have the U joint included in the journal kit propeller shaft. It wont let you just buy the u joint. Here is the link
This is correct. I can't find the u-joints called out on the parts diagrams. But the below is also correct. U-joints are a common maintenance part that is readily available.

You're more than welcome to argue, and to pay the ridiculous price. But if you call O'Reilly, Advance, Autozone, or Napa, they will all sell you a compatible u-joints from any of a dozen or so manufacturers for anywhere from $20-50 apiece, depending on which you choose and your location. Your mechanic is either not good at sourcing parts or he's full of crap.
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