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U-Pol Raptor DIY Spray on bedliner

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Been looking around at options for bedliner. Don't have $500+ to spend paying someone to do it, but I can pull this off. I found it at a local store and bought me a kit. They actually use this in commercial applications and I was on a few other forums(Chevy and a 4x4 forum) and they swear this stuff is legit. I've heard alot of bad things about Dupli-Color and not so good things about Herculiner. I know 99% of it comes down to Prep work, but just didn't want to chance it. Anyone seen this stuff? It even comes with a gun to spray with!
U-Pol Raptor Spray on bedliner

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i sell this stuff an automotive refinishes distributor and the raptor liner is the only kit i keep in stock. I sell a few of the others (SEM mainly) but i sell by far more raptor kits. i was considering spraying one in my truck myself im just too lazy. but to answer the question it is legit stuff, its not going to look as good or have the texture of a line-x or a rhino liner, but i think youll be happy with the results. whenever i spray my bed im going to spray my rear bumper at the same time so let me know how it looks when you finish. oh and your right prep work is key
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