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U1000 code can they blame this on me?

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My titan just gave me the U1000 code the CAN communication error.

Ive read the related TSB and it states that connector F9 could be not sealed properly against the elements.
The underside of my truck is very muddy from some off roading Ive done recently

My question is should I worry about washing my truck before I bring it in?
Could the dealership blame this on me even though there is a known problem with the part?

I am still under warranty
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You should be cool, if it can't take some four wheelin, what did they make it for????
Do you have a Scangauge2 by any chance?
NH-Titan said:
Do you have a Scangauge2 by any chance?

yes i do...............................................................
Mine Scangauge2 was causing a Service Engine Soon and a SLIP light. I figured this out after 3 trips to dealership and they did the TSB and replaced my dash gauges. I ended up sending the Scanguage2 back and getting my money back. When I called them they told me that they have had some issues with the crystals inside interfering with the computer.

Unplug yours and see what happens.:cheers:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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