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Unboxed bushwacker fender flares

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Hey guys I am selling a brand new set of bushwacker front fender flares that I have for my 2013 Nissan Titan.

These are brand new and still in the box - have never been opened.

Am selling them for 200 cad plus shipping, much much cheaper than retail.

This works out to about 130 USD for the set.

I am currently far from home at work but I will reserve these for whoever is interested and can arrange shipping as soon as I am available to have access to them. I do not expect any firm of payment until I am able to ship them obviously.

No pictures unfortunately as I am away from home however like I said they are still sealed in box.

Location is in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Buyer covers shipping.

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Pocket style, or extend-a-fender style?
If they for with tool box I'll take them.
They're just the fronts so, technically no they wouldn't be for the toolbox.
Pocket style bolt on
Sorry I didn't see that it was just the front. If shipping isn't crazy bad, I'll take them. I can get them for about $230 a pair shipped. I don't know with customs and all it would be worth it. It's probably going to cost over $100 to ship To 17754 due to size and customs.
Shipping will cost $130 usd, seeing as I have no use for them and would really just like to clear up the space - I can sell them to you for 70 usd putting you at 200. Your call.
I'm in Canada. Where abouts are you
Galaxy pro I'm in Alberta - shipping would be much cheaper within country
I'm in BC, can you buy just the rears?
These are only the fronts unfortunately
I see that but can someone purchase just the rears afterwards? Never seen if you could I'll have to look
That's with lockbox
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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