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Anyone try the Undercover tonnau cover yet? Looks pretty good. I had the back flip and it leaks and rubber seals near the cab wont lay flat after cover is flipped up for long periods of time.
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If you like the fold up option, go with a Extang Trifecta.
I sold my Bakflip, and bought the Trifecta.

Yes, it's a soft cover, but it folds up quick, and you can take it off really fast.

No leaks!!!
i have an undercover display right next to me actually. i'm not much for the looks of a hard tonneau personally but i was impressed by the undercover. its farely light and easy to remove. don't have to worry about leaving it on b/c its too hard to take off when you have to haul something around that's oversized. it even includes a hanger to put on your garage wall for an example.
My Undercover just came in. I plan on putting it on tomorrow. Im not a big fan of tonneau covers but I need one for an upcoming trip. I chose the Undercover b/c it is supposed to be easy to take on and off. I hope black looks good on red.
I love the undercover!!! And I want one someday!!! Low weight, easy to remove/install, tough as nails, and if you want, a body shop can scuff and paint to match. A buddy of mine had one and I fell in love with it.
I have one also. So far so good.
I've had an Undercover since Feb 06. It lives up to the advertising - watertight, easy to remove, lightweight, etc. I like being able to lock up my gear.

However, the box of my Titan is not square. This, combined with a fairly tight fit and contraction of the plastic in cool weather, causes contact between the bottom edge of the cover and the side of the truck box. It doesn't touch the box on a sunny 80 degree day.

If I had my time back, I would have gone with something that doesn't curve over the side of the box. Or, buy accessories from the dealer, and they have to fix the issues.
I had the Undercover put on today while I was at work. I am petty impressed with it thus far. The fit is incredible & the locking mechanism along with the lock on the tailgate gives me a secure piece of mind. I was'nt sure how it was going to look, but when I picked the truck up with the tonneau cover on, it looked totally sweet.

The mods and accessories just keep on coming...:)
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