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Hi all,
I am puzzled by how my dealership determines which tire to mount where when swapping winter to summer. I had them mount my winters last year as there was 4-corner brake check anyway (so no extra cost.) But now that I am remounting the tires myself, I realize that there are no markings to determine which are left or right side. I can figure out front to back based on tread depth (put the deeper tread on the front). Mine had two with about 1mm more tread than the other pair. If these were directional tires then the left/right part would be a no-brainer, but they aren't directional.

I noticed that my previous GM dealer never marked the tires either.

So how do they determine which tires are right or left, or do they just not care? Is there some trick I am not aware of?

I did do my best guess, and the truck doesn't show any bad effects on a road test.

Note also that I have determined that the truck does remember both sets of wheel sensors and, unless I managed to put the tires back in the same positions exactly, it does know which one is on which corner. I left the tires purposely at slightly different inflation levels, and after a few minutes of driving it found the sensors at the correct corners, identifying the inflation levels as I had them set.
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