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So my 1.2 week old 2007 Titan with 74k on it won't start.

Woke up drove to work, driving home stopped at the store, got back in 5 minutes, ...won't start...doesn't even crank, no power...this guy fiddles with ti alil, no idea what he did but truck starts up, everything is reset. Drive home, park to get the mail turn car off, get back in 30 seconds later, again truck won't start, no power, doesn't make a sound ...just got flat bedded back to the dealer...

They are closed now but on the phone they thought it might be the battery....i guess?

i wondering if these keys have chips in them and they all got disabled somehow?

Any ideas besides the battery?

no dash warnings lights are on fyi

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Not the RELAY (IPDM) on that one ... Sound like a battery connection, as others have said.
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