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Up Rev issues

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Hey i ordered my Up rev just a few days ago... and heres the email they sent me today
just started putting together your base tune for your Titan and I found that you have an ECU that we do not support yet.
I will need to re-license your cable to enable the dump feature so that you can dump the ECU software and send it to us.
Could you please get a cable license report from your cable using the Cable Manager program and send me the file that it creates.

This happen to anyone else?
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Get them the cable infos.
After that just dump the file and sent it to them. Not a big deal really, a little longer to get your tune. You're not the 1st and wont be the last.
You have a newer ECU which isn't in their database yet. Its no biggie. Just do as they requested and all will be good. Just might take 1-2 days more.

Once Uprev has your cable info and ECU dump they will look at the ECU dump. Most likely they will mirror another tune that matches yours. Its just that Uprev doesn't have your ECU number and they are just making sure nothing changed with your ECU.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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