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Upcoming Titan meets - August, September, October 2007

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> 1st Titan Meet in Oklahoma!!
> Saturday August 18th @ Harrah Park Pavillion
> Clubtitan thread: http://www.clubtita showthread. php?
> I'll find a meet place where I-35E and I-35W meet (in Denton), and
> it later to Organize our Caravan.
> September-
> There is a meet Scheduled for Grapevine lake on the 16th (Sunday)
> However Chris/Haley, and Pam/Myself will be at the Guadalupe River
> Meet, so I'm not sure if This meet is still on.
> September 29th (Saturday)
> Mckinney Nissan is Hosting an Event with FOOD!!
> PJ (Service Mgr) is inviting all the Area Nissan Clubs for a Car
> He's still working on the Details.
> I'll post more, later.
> October-
> Once again, According to the "Meets Schedule" there is a Central
> Proposed, but nothing is set into Stone.
> My Wife's Parents will be Visiting us From Oct 2nd and leaving Oct
> They live in Zanesville, Ohio.
> AND They own a 2005 Titan.
> Unfortuneately, he can't Drive his Titan to Texas (disabled), But
> would really like to Attend a Titan Meet.
> Soooo, I'm Asking a Favor from our Brethren - If we can Organize a
> meet for my Father-in law (he's in his 80's), and Acts like a Kid
in a
> Candy Store when he's Talkin' Titan!!!
> (Sound Familiar?)
> So, if at all possible, I'd like to call a meet for the 6th of
> (Saturday) Any Suggestions of Where? Hot Hogs and Rods? lol
> -Sean
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I'm most likely going to make the OK meet this Saturday. Will have to make it a one day trip though.

September meet at McKinney Nissan sounds like a fun alternative to me. It would be cool to see all kinds of modded Nissans. Free food and drinks never hurt either.
:hungry: :spam: :cheers: :popcorn: :cheers:

I am all for having a meet in October that your Father-in-law could make it to. Place doesn't really matter to me. We always have a good time no matter where we meet up. Maybe we could set it up to do a convoy like we did last time. Short and sweet. He would probably get a big kick out of it.
Energizer said:
I am in McKinney... what day? the 29th of this month? is it official?

I just had my Titan all modded out, and plan to do more! I would love to meet some fellow Titan owners in the area.

hey TTUgrad... what was your major at TTU? I was CS.
The McKinney Nissan thing has already happened, two weekends ago. They didn't get much of a turn out, 7 I think and no Titans.

We can have a meet, but we need to figure out somewhere to meet. Grapevine Lake is still shut down. The 29th is fine with me. If that's John's at work weekend, then I would be open to either the 22nd or Oct. 7th so that he can make this one, if he wants to.:upsidedow
Energizer said:
I am pretty much open to any day....

However, the 1st post says this, nothing about August...:
Yeah, McKinney Nissan really seemed to drop the ball on getting this thing together.

As far as a meet, this place was suggested by Kopperking over on CT, which is fine with me.

"I suggest the Dalrock exit off I-30 (on lake Ray Hubbard)
-There's plenty of parking
-Free boat ramp
-the Club "Weekends" is within walking distance!!!"

How does Sunday Oct. 7th sound?
ttugrad95 said:
I think that LRH is way out there and pretty much alienates many of the Ft. Worth folks. There are plenty places that are more central. Lake Lewisville for example has several spots.
It doesn't bother me to go out there. Lake Lewisville is also still pretty much shut down at present.

At this time, it looks like we will do the meet on Saturday, Oct. 6. That is when Sean's Father-in-law will be here.

If enough people want to do a meet, in addition to Oct 6, at an earlier time, shout out and we can figure something out.
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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