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Upgrade ideas.... Anyone

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I'm new to the site and to the TITAN world. I just got my Silver 08 Pro-4X last week and I can't stop smiling. I have been researching cold air kits and exhausts and can't decide. I would like any input that any of you may have on what the best setup for these two adds would be. I do have price constraints, but I can try to find deals to help save. Thanks in advance for any help / guidance.
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From the research done by other members you will get the highest hp and tq gains from the JBA catback system.
People like how the Banks sounds but you will loose low end power.

I just replaced the muffler with a Spintech and I love the sound. With install It cost me $110.
We had a dyno day some months back and discovered that most people with just the airbox mod and a highflow air filter put down higher tq but hp numbers were just slightly lower than those with an aftermarket intake.

I would say use the money on a level kit from PRG instead of an intake.
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Dewracingjr said:
Thanks a bunch TEX that's the kind of stuff I wanted to hear. How loud is that Spintech muffler? Does the leveling kit actually level the truck or is the front a little higher?
The leveling kit is a spacer that will raise the front of your truck to make it level. The site suspension guru is Greg. His website is and it has the leveling kit, mini lift, and a few others as well.

I will try to post up a video clip of my truck on the dyno to show how loud the exhaust is when I get home.
I don't think it is that loud. It seems to be as loud as every other truck out there with aftermarket exhaust.
here is the only video I could find. Alot of the noise you hear is the rollers on the dyno but you can still hear the exhaust.
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