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Upgrade to stock alloys ????

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Currently have a 2007 Titan KC EX 17 inch "steel wheels". Thinking of upgrading to some alloys from a different year. Would 2017 factory 18 inch alloys bolt up? Any issues with lug nuts?

Secondary reason would be to upgrade tires from 110 load rating to 116. To help with towing my small travel trailer

Any thoughts?


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Found a set on ebay that were new take offs with tires with very low miles...That's the main reason i was thinking of going in this direction also would save me the expense of having the wheels mounted with tires. Thanks everyone for the feedback so far. I have looked at some 2004-2015 five and six spokes online (ebay craiglslist) but can't seem to find them for less that $400 a set, then tires for $140 a piece? After market wheels seem like they also would run $1200 or so for wheels, tires, mounting? Anyone one have a retailer they recommend?

Thanks again,
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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