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I used to have a Mustang GT that was a base model. As i had time or if something failed, I'd upgrade it with the parts from the premium models of mustangs to make it look better and be more functional. For instance, Speedo gauge went out on the base 4 gauge cluster. So, i bought the 6 gauge model that came in the premium along with the trip computer buttons. This got me a trip computer, 2 more gauges, ability to change colors on dash, etc...really cool. This was only possible because the additional wiring needed was already there.

Since i'm rolling in the low budget S model, I want to swap out a lot of stuff for items that come in the SV, SL, Pro 4x models. More functionality and aesthetics to be had. Has anyone tried this?

-Upgraded rear view mirror (auto dimming, compass, etc)
-Power Mirrors (gotta reach out the window to move/set mirror) (will need to buy new door button panel for the mirror control and the actual mirrors)
-Nicer Gauge cluster (nissan guy had to run a wire to ground dashboard due to issue with this cluster that was causing lights on dash being out)
-Maybe even nicer seats from an SL that is heated?
-Steering Wheel (so i can get stereo controls wheel)

However, the wiring needs to be there already for all these projects to be worth it.

I added the nissan fog light kit very easily, as the wiring was already there for the fog lights and i just had to swap out steering column switch/stick.
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