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Uploading pictures problem

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I'm having some trouble uploading pictures onto my photo album. I click browse then select the picture I want. Next I click upload and wait about 30seconds. It then comes up you have 3 photos in your album but not the one I've selected to upload. I've tried several times with no luck. It says uploaded successful but when I try to find the picture its not there. I've been able to in the past upload pictures no problem. I can upload pictures onto Tundra Solutions and it's pretty much the exact same setup as this page. Am I doing something wrong here when up loading the pictures? Please Help
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I had a problem once when I was really drunk.
Turned out my files were too large.
Well since this is your 15th post, that is probably your problem. I think you need 15 posts to be able to post a pic. You should try again now that you are over 15.
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