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Upper control arms for stock or lowered titan

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Sorry to sound stupid but i have a few questions.

My Problem: Clunking front end noise when turning and backing.

Issue found: Upper control arm bushings are worn out. Verified by my mechanic. I turned the wheel and he squatted next to the front right rim and since my rims are huge and open in design he can see the upper control arm popping forward and back.

Resolution: I call the dealer and guess what... they do not sell just the replacement bushings - they only sell the complete upper a-arm assembly at 160.00 for each arm - ~320.00 total for the set. How convenient they only sell the entire assembly. GrrrRRrr.

My truck has 46K on it now and I figure since I have to get a complete a-arm I am looking into upgrading. I know the 4x4 guys get Total Chaos arms with Delrin spacers.

Dumb Question: Can I use these Total Chaos arms with delrin spacers on my lowered titan? Will it lift the front end? Will it cause alignment issues? How much are they?

I tried to call Greg @ PRG and he is closed on Wednesdays - I am a bit antsy so I posted here to see what you guys think.
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Don't waste your money on aftermarket arms. Call Greg and ask him to sell you a set of stock arms (he'll probably give them to you for the price of shipping).
Yup Greg is da man. Called him this morning and told me the same thing. He didn't have any stockers laying around. I ordered a set from for 96.78 each.
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