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UpRev Questions (about to order)

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Well I've got some questions before I order, (about = a month or so).

I plan on ordering DT LT headers in the next 3-4 weeks. All my performance mods will be complete after those go on.

1. Is it okay to still drive while I wait for my tune to arrive from UpRev?

I've got a BDGT right now.

2. I assume I have to return everything back to stock, including timing and throttle sensitivity?

3. Can UpRev change the timing and throttle sensitivity?

You can basically understand where I'm at in the process I hope. Any extra info is appreciated. Thanks.
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I ran Superchips Cortex 93 tune on mine for several months before getting Uprev with my Stillen LT's.

Yes you need to return everything to stock. I'm sure they can change throttle sensitivity with the uprev software. Part of the tuning they do is changing the fuel and timing so yes they can change the timing.
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I'd rather run the BDGT since I already have it... especially after dropping $ on headers.

So as long as my AFR is in a safe range I don't need UpRev correct?

And if it's not in the safe range, I guess I will just have to sell my BDGT then get UpRev.
What year of truck do you have? If you have a 07' or newer get Uprev man. The things they do with the cam timing is magical.
I keep hearing this but why are the 2 fastest N/A trucks on here pre 07'? Ofivecc and Titanss.
I'm sure if you found a 07+ truck with the same mods and weighed the same then it'd be faster. I don't know of any 07+ trucks modded as heavily as those guys. There's probably just too many variables. All I know is I got a huge bump in torque and a good boost in hp when I got it re-tuned. Every truck is different I'm sure but it did a lot for mine.
I think Nissan engineers did their job as far as cam timing goes. There isn't much to gain by tweaking it. However, boosted trucks could probably gain something.
I disagree sir. I will show you why when I get home and can get on my computer.
Well, they probably made a couple of trade offs for emissions reasons. Can you prove changes in cam timing alone made more of a difference than tweaking fuel and ignition timing?
That's what I'm going to show you when I get home. The fuel and timing didn't produce impressive results. It wasn't until he started messing with the cam timing that I saw pretty impressive gains.
Well I guess I didn't have as many graphs as I thought. I'll have to email him and get the ones where we started messing with the cam timing. I can tell you though that most of these gains were NOT from the timing and fuel adjustment. I remember being pretty disappointed just like the first time I had it tuned at how little difference it made. When he started tinkering with the cam timing thats when I started grinning from ear to ear. The HP gains not so much impressive but it was the torque that I remember gaining a lot of when he was messing with it.


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