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Uprev track times should be in Sunday

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Test & tune its getting rained out sat so the local track is running it sunday if the weather allows. Its supposed to stop raining sat evening. Sunday high of 40 with north winds 10mph. This will be a slight tail wind! Wish me luck & pray for no rain!
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Best of luck!
I'm honestly hoping for a 14.10 to 14.19 but obviously I'll take a 13.99:) Just checked the latest forecast and it's supposed to stop raining about 9pm Saturday so Sunday looks like a go!
Cool good luck! Hope you get that the 13.99 also! All that time and money, it better be faster than a 14.1!
Yes sir good luck cant wait to see that new time.
Cool! Hope you beat your previous record! I'll be getting my B-Pipes installed next week sometime, then it's back to the track to see what she'll do! I predict a 14.1x for you, but best of luck out @ the track. Give 'em hell!!! :)
Track may be flooded:( I called them, they said to call back in the am. Its right along the river.
Damn, that suck's! It is right down next to the river though... :) I alway's wanted to take a 4X4 through the gravel pit down the street on Hamilton Cleves RD. My Aunt used to live in the house right next to it, that sit's back off the road. The one w/ the pond in the front yard, i miss that house!
I guess that old saying is true then, "you may be faster than me, but I bet you can't follow me" :D
Tracks closed:( march 12th it is.
That sucks. Was looking forward to your numbers.
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