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Hey all,

I recently purchased Osiris from Uprev (thanks Seymore4 / Joe) Joe was very quick in getting my first tunes to me, but unfortunately, I've run into some problems getting them uploaded.

Upon connecting the cipher to my pc (downloaded uprev with windows defender off & its still off).

I first talked to Dustin at UpRev and he made sure I redownloaded the software and tried again. No dice.

The error I've been getting is pictured > Here (along with the back of my OBD connector).

I then spoke to James with uprev and he said that he thought it might be a fuse, in the "ISO Can Line". (That is what it sounded like he said, I may have misheard him, I have no idea what that means, besides that Can Protocol is the data cable for the OBD2).

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the fuses for the power? If so, I checked the fuse on the driver side power outlet ( where the obd is supposedly powered from) and its fine. The OBD has power, verified by plugging in my other vehicles Snapshot insurance tool.

Nonetheless, I can't find any fuses outside the fuse box that would play a roll, besides the general fuse that powers the obd...which is powered.

So here's where I'm at. The software seems to be good to go, it reads the ecu build (but not the VIN?)

James asked me if my AC was working, I haven't had any problems.

I'm going to try another USB cable and see if this one is faulty. Beyond that, kind of scratching my head. No aftermarket security, wiring etc. Is there a mystery fuse somewhere?

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My uprev don't show vin number only the code for which ecu is in my truck!

I had no problems down loading the first tune I was sent. I sent him my recordings today of me driving truck around along with my 0-60 full throttle runs.

Let's hope you figure out your problems.

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