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I have seen quite a few T owners posting that their truck has an UpRev Tune. Can someone explain to me what that will do to my T, what all is involved so I can understand it better. I have a local tuning shop that said it would cost me $600 that would include UpRev license fees, dyno fees and tuning fees. Does that sound about right, sorry just want to know what all is involved.
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Just did this with joe. The computer "tune" is modified to compensate for the engine now breathing better with the headers intake etc. He optimizes the conservative factory tune. Tweaks timing etc. If you have never had a vehicle tuned before I understand your reservations. However it does truly make it a different truck. The tuning on my Titan was the second biggest improvement I've ever had done to a vehicle through tuning. The first being my 700hp z06. It's expensive but I wish I would have done it sooner.

The sound a titan makes with long tubes cajun bs and a cat back is wonderful. I even added a resonator as I have a baby coming and it's perfect. Deep deep growl.
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