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I have seen quite a few T owners posting that their truck has an UpRev Tune. Can someone explain to me what that will do to my T, what all is involved so I can understand it better. I have a local tuning shop that said it would cost me $600 that would include UpRev license fees, dyno fees and tuning fees. Does that sound about right, sorry just want to know what all is involved.
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I sell uprev and what they're offering is just a license and a tune and not the cable to go with it, e tuning is great as u get real driving conditions from the data, dyno tune is great with the right tuner, I reccomend randy baker to tune u, he is the godfather of tuning for nissans, he tuned my truck and my 350z will be done by him also, pm me I can hook u up with the software and get u his info for tuning.
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