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USED Banks’ Monster® Exhaust

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:smoke: USED Banks’ Monster® Exhaust 3" all-stainless-steel, mandrel-bent Monster exhaust system bolts behind the catalytic converter, cutting backpressure by 92%, optimizing airflow, improving engine life and increasing fuel efficiency. The low-restriction, 3" straight through Monster muffler more than doubles the stock muffler flow and provides an authoritative, yet civil exhaust sound. The finishing touch: a mirror-bright 5" polished-stainless double-walled tailpipe tip with a rolled edge. Vehicle-specific for easy bolt-on installation. Fully compatible with Nissan's factory warranty.

Includes: Stainless, 3" straight-through polished-stainless Monster muffler; Stainless, 3" constant-diameter Monster Y-pipe and tailpipe; Polished-stainless, 5" double-wall tailpipe tip with rolled edge.

This product fits all 2004-07 Titans, and short bed versions of the 2008.
Note: For 2008 trucks, this product currently fits only the short bed model.

$400.00 OBO will not ship you have to pickup. I live in Goodyear, AZ
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Thats a good exhaust you have there, but the price is kinda high, you can get a brand new one from 4 wheel parts this month {only} for $468.00 (new). You'll probably get more posts like these, dont hate me for this post im just being honest. Good day . :cheers:
how "used" is the exhaust? willing to ship? pics?

price is pretty high. most guys sell that exhaust kit used between $300.-$350.
as the post above me states, new exhaust kits from banks can be purchased in multiple locations for under $460. on sale. with exhaust being an abusable item, they really dont hold a great value after use ( depending on the driving habits example do you make passes at the drag strip with that exhaust. and weather conditions for example in snow where salt is abundunt. ) even nib 500 is high, just a heads up if you really need / want to sell it. im not trying to be a **** or anything.

pm sent
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