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Utili-track parts and accessories

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The utili track rails are the similar to framing support channel (B-line or Unistrut for example) in their basic design. If you already have the utili-track channel, and are attaching things to your bed, you can use the nuts, clamps etc. from Home Depot or elsewhere.

I used some spring nuts to secure my truck box.:thumbsup:
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Ho man. :blush: I thought I had an original idea there. Sorry for the duplicate thread.
bump for the nice 3d pic!

unistrut & gripstrut accessories will work wonderfully.
I just Love that I get to Revive an old thread. LOL...

After talking to several of the bed cap and cover makers It seems that since I have a toolbox I can have one. Horsechit. I will be going to HomeDepot for lunch today to track down these elusive "Spring Nuts" and other hardware. It is my intention to use two pieces of 3/8" plywood and some 2x4 from the Monster Garage to create my own bed cover. I will likely use some weatherstripping that also isn't supposed to work to form the seal around the bed. I will open a new thread and post pictures once done so anyone else in this boat can duplicate.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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