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Can the Utili-track rail be purchased seperately? Anyone know a partnumber I've tried browsing through the collision and mechanical catalogs but couldn't find anything about the utili track rail. The closest thing I found was a channel part that goes on the side of the bed but I thought there was 4 pieces on a king cab (2 on each side). Are the 2 pieces on each side the same (the right side is different from the left side, but I'm talking about the side rail closest to the cab vs. the side rail closest to the tailgate.

I've got a mod that I'm trying to work out to get my sliding bed extender to work with my truxedo - I know there are other mods out there (i.e. screwing in the truxedo rail as well as welding on the brackets). What I'm thinking is attaching another set of rails in front of the rails that are on the truck side and shim in so it's at the same width of the truxedo opening. That should then give me the full track use again.


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