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utility track

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dose anyone know if i was to buy the bed utility tracks for my titan can i install them or could the dealer do it.the reason i have that plastic bedliner and i want to line-x the bed but i want the utility tracks put in.

thanks ericschevelle
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Yes it can and has been done. Keep in mind they will not have the same strength as the one already installed from factory.
I have read this idea in the forums also..Why is it lesser in strength? If there is a re-enforcement plate that assits the bed mounting, would it not also be available for purchase? I looked under a trac'd bed and saw no additional supports. Maybe I missed it?
I checked 2 weeks ago, and only saw weldnuts in place on the bottom. Flat washer would give the same strength, so nothing to worry about. I have a complete system to do someday, and am sure it will be as good, if not better. Just find the good write up, on this site I believe, and have at it. :)
where can i order the track? or dealership
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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