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Vibrant Y pipe

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I'm sure these have been used. For some reason I'm having shops tell me they can't install it due to the inlets being close together. Anyone have an experience like this?
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I figured this was the case just couldn't believe I had three shops tell me it blew my mind. Like they wouldn't make it if it didn't work.
That looks just like the Y I have. Well thanks fellas. Wish me luck on finding a real shop.
Look at the Cajun Ypipe, I use that merge all day in my builds. Cajun Bpipes | shreveport, LA 71129
Since you do builds and I honestly know little too nothing just what these "shops" tell me maybe you could give me a little input. So I had the resonators deleted and they went with stock piping back to the Y then about a foot of 3" piping in to a 3" in/out bullet then dumped before the axle. The new Y pipe(that hasn't been installed) is 2.5 in 3 out. Should I have the shop make the pipe where the resonators were2.5 all the way to the Y?
So say I don't have headers yet. Not planning on any time soon. Would i lose out that much with 2.5 to the y and out 3?
Maybe some low end torque but your not gonna gain till you Uprev and add headers. 2.25" to 3" like the JBA catback ypipe is your best bet with the stock manifolds.
I eventually will go headers I'm thinking just getting 2.5 now. Is there any difference in sound between 2.25-3 and 2.5-3?
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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