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(VIDEO)Noisy at idle. Is this the normal injector ticking thats so common?

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As the weather has gotten colder, my titans ticking seems to have gotten louder. Is this still just the injectors ticking away or could there be something more to it? I can hear it in the cabin(softly) when the A/C and radio are off. Only noticeable when idling or coasting in a parking lot etc.

One other symptom that I doubt is related, when i go to accelerate from a stop, right as the throttle hits load, there is a rattle(?) type sound just for a beif second as it starts to pull. Sounds like its coming from the bottom of the engine area.

Thanks for any suggestions guys. Happy New Year!
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That is pretty noisy. I think its the injectors but it almost sounds like lifters to. Simple question have you checked your oil level? Second what weight oil are you using? I assume iowa gets pretty cold so running 5w30 is probably a good idea. How many miles you have on the truck?
Oil level is spot on. Prepping for an oil change in the next 500 miles though it is pretty clean. Running 5w30. It can get below -25f here but this year we have yet to get below 20f. Truck has 77,000 on it. Bought it this past August. It runs beautifully, tons of power. Never gives me issues. Just noisy.
Thanks of the input guys.... I'll definitely run some seafoam through it.

It's not too loud. Really only bugs me when I have the hood open. I completly agree with you that the noise seems to have always been there but just gotten harsher as the weather has cooled down.

I'll let you know if seafoam tames it at all.
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Have you looked at your manifolds?
Had the manifolds checked in august when I bought it and they had no cracks. While I suppose they could have cracked since then, this doesn't really sounds or act like cracked manifolds to me. It is no louder at all or different on cold starts, the sound seems to be coming from too high up on the engine, it just all seems really consistent with injectors.

Dumped some seafoam in there last night. Gonna drive the heck out of it this week to get through the tank quickly then I'll do a second tank as well. Interested to see if I hear any difference.
I am betting you guys are right about the Timing Chain Guides. ugh... put a stethascope on it and the sound is certainly coming from up front. Mechanic agrees. ewww. Best quote in town is $1100 but I hate that shop. My usual guy wants $1300 not including the sprockets(I can't imagine the sprockets would be worn at 77k miles) 5 months in, this truck is starting to burn my wallet pretty bad. Here's hoping that ends with this repair.
Shop just called and said they got it fixed. One of the timing chain tensioner hydraulics had gone bad and once warm would not work properly. Explains why it wasn't as bad when cold I guess. Anyway, they replaced that and the guides and chain. Sprockets still looked new. I'll post again in a couple days when I know for sure this has solved the problem. For $1300 is better have! Going to pick it up in 10 min
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Well, the sound remains. Just as noisy and ticky as ever. I took it back and opened the hood and showed him and he said it was just fuel injectors. Guess I didn't need that $1100 anyway. Gonna take it somewhere else and see if they agree that its injectors.
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