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(VIDEO)Noisy at idle. Is this the normal injector ticking thats so common?

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As the weather has gotten colder, my titans ticking seems to have gotten louder. Is this still just the injectors ticking away or could there be something more to it? I can hear it in the cabin(softly) when the A/C and radio are off. Only noticeable when idling or coasting in a parking lot etc.

One other symptom that I doubt is related, when i go to accelerate from a stop, right as the throttle hits load, there is a rattle(?) type sound just for a beif second as it starts to pull. Sounds like its coming from the bottom of the engine area.

Thanks for any suggestions guys. Happy New Year!
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When the timing chain guides went on my pathfinder, it sounded nothing like that. It was more like a supercharger whine. Started out only occasionally making the noise and over the next few thousand miles got fairly constant. That being said, it wasn't a tapping/clicking sound, it sounded like a chain rubbing against aluminum. The dealer did the job for $1200 (and that's in Alaska).
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