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Video ot Glamis sand drags

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My titan VS a duramax. He jumped me off the line when i was looking the other way at the red dually. The dually was already doing about 40mph from behind us and wasnt racing.Enjoy

Heres a few more from a buddy filming from the side. he got the second race also.
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sorry had to have 15 posts to copy a link
there is an area out ther that has a tree but its boring. Its a bunch of guys in alchohol burning drag jeeps, and you have to pay to get in. the flat drags are ALOT more fun. the sand rails to wheelis for 300ft, quads, bikes, trucks, all racing. Its mayhem at its finest, i dont go to glamis to sit and watch 300ft drags, thats just me though...
I dont think the guy in the duramax would have liked that idea either, cause he jumped the start every time. Who knows how badly he would have been served if he played fair?!
kartman said:
Shouldnt you be watching for a start signal or the other truck instead of gazing at random trucks out there?
the guys in the duramax were pointing at the red dually and as soon as i turned to see what it was they were pointing at i heard him floor it. I just stomped on the gas and off i went. i didnt have time to "gaze".
Ya dude, the level of douchebaggery coming out of that truck was toxic. Titan calmed them down though.
1 - 8 of 16 Posts
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