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Viper 5902 Security/Remote Start, iDatalink, VSM 200 and more....

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I have a an entire security/remote start set up that consists of:

Viper 5902 Unit
iDatalink ADS CA AL Bypass module (Pre-programmed for an 08 Titan)
Smart Start VSM 200 Module
DEI Back Up Battery
DEI Mini Piezo Siren
DEI Audio/Glass Shatter Sensor
DEI Tilt Sensor
DEI Viper Logo Warning Light
iDatalink USB Cable (Used to program the Bypass module to your car)
2 Fastronix Automotive Relays with socket plug

Everything is brand new. The packages of the Audio and Tilt sensor have been opened but only to take out the installation instructions. Everything purchased from certified DEI dealers. Was planning on installing this on my Titan in the up coming weeks but a situation has come up and i need the extra cash. Bought everything listed for over $700. Asking $550 shipped. Let me know if you are interested. Cant go down on the price from what it is, its already a good deal anyways. Thanks.