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visual feedback needed!

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to start ... I have a silver KC XE. It has a black and charcoal pin stripe down the side and has the same coloring for the 4x4 on the bed. everything on the outside is stock.

I just picked up: Chrome OEM sidesteps, Chrome grill inserts (with cutout for burger), and replaced all my TPMS with chrome sleeved valve stems on my new (to me) OEM 5 spoke 18"s wheels.

Chrome on the truck: burgers on the wheels and front and back, and any raised lettering. Chrome on the valve stems.

Adding: Exhaust, so the tip will be chrome.

Question: What to leave chrome??

I am going to bedline the wheels this week. Should I bedline the chrome steps, and paint the burgers on the wheels charcoal? Should I paint all the burgers charcoal? Bedline them?

the valve stems can be covered in bedliner if I dont take them off. The exhaust tip will be chrome regardless. I can always do whatever with the grill inserts.

I have been racking my brain on what to do!
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There need to be more in there! I BL'd my back 2 wheels today including the valve stems, and painted the chrome nissan burgers on the wheels charcoal. Looks awesome, but its dark so I didn't get a good picture.
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