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vk56de, not in titan exhaust

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I have been reading many of the exhaust threads on here with all coming to the same conclusion. Single outlet and 2.5 inch max.

I am swapping a 2011 vk56de into my g35 and I picked up a cheap 2.25 dual exhaust on ebay. I believe it is an hks knock off, with dual res and res off each muffler.

I was planning to have a x-pipe welded in, due to threads I read.

I guess I am beating a dead drum,, but I am trying something new.
When adding the x-pipe, how far from header flanges should I go with it?. I am on JBA vk headers with extended tubing to reach stop g35/350 location.

If from what you guys have found makes this pointless, at what point should I "Y" pipe, or use the stock g35/350z y-pipe and just single out?

Thanks ahead of time?
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There is no way to properly fit an X or H pipe on the titan. If you could add it to your car then different story, the reason being on the titan it would be too far back an the pipe would have been unequal
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